Aromatherapy Health Benefits For Cystitis – How to help correct Cystitis?

Cystitis is a condition many women suffer from; but few have found alternative health remedies for.  Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder.  It is often caused by having sex.  It could either  a bacterial infection or local irritation.

This can be a serious condition that may require treatment and testing.  And there is some confusion between interstitial cystitis and bladder infection.  A urine test kit might be the way to go.  In any case, you should see your doctor at the first sign.  From there, you can decide on a course of treatment.

Some symptoms may include a low grade fever and fatigue, depending, of course, on how severe the infection is.  Painful urination, and frequent stops at the bathroom where the urge to urinate is great, but only small amounts of urine are voided.

The treatment of cystitis with aromatherapy essential oils offers some relief and benefit.  By using essential oils, please make sure the aromatics are gentle enough to be used on the delicate tissues.  One essential oil that I found, and was surprised it could be used with Cystitis was Sandalwood.  If I only inhale  it , I get whoosy!

The best way to work with this treatment is to apply locally, or in a “sitz” bath.  Yes,  Honey, you sit down in shallow tub of warm water with the essential oil mixture.  The tub water should be about hip level,  with the therapeutic.   Or, if you have access, use a bidet.  In either case, the local treatment should heal the area of inflammation

Here is the mixture  (mix and blend these ingredients before placing in the tub or bidet):

2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar

1 -2 tablespoons of Honey

3 drops of  Sandalwood Therapeutic Essential Oil

2 drops of Tea Tree Therapeutic Essential Oil

1 drop of Chamomile Therapeutic Essential Oil


I know that at times during this inflammation the last thing anyone want to be using is abrasive toilet paper.  First, get a hypoallergenic, fragrance free face wipe, or baby wipe.  You could also use a soft face cloth or towel.  Use this to pat yourself dry after spraying or squirting this periwash mixture from a clean sterilized plastic bottle, or bottle of distilled water:

1 drop of lavender Therapeutic Essential Oil

1 drop of Sandalwood Therapeutic Essential Oil

2 table spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar

8 ounces of distilled warm water
It should provide cooling relief.

Interstitial Cystitis can cause a great deal of pain for women, and can be a chronic condition in some women.  At first sign of infection, don’t be so quick to start taking antibiotics.  Get  yourself tested by a doctor or purchase a urine test kit and then see  a doctor or trained medical person.

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